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Fixing Season Of Dawn Destiny 2 EDZ Obelisk Not Working Issue

Dawn Destiny 2 EDZ (Season of Dawn) is playable on PC, Xbox One & PlayStation, through which the edz obelisk not working issue will observed. The game rules for the Sundial activity involve obelisks as required components for proceeding to a further stage. A single obelisk is typically commanded to link up to the sundial function at a specific time. When that function is finished, the player is offered the option of choosing a weapon. Use the EDZ Obelisk to gain access to these weapons. 

Examples of powerful weapons are the Infinite Paths 8 rifle & Gallant Charge fusion rifle. It is not vital for the obelisk to quickly synchronize to the sundial signal transduction. The obelisk must create special contact with the weaponry for this to happen. When this communication keeps failing, you know you’re in trouble with the EDZ Obelisk. To research a specific location in Destiny 2 EDZ (Season of Dawn), the user needs to get the EDZ Obelisk. In this scenario, the malfunction of the EDZ Obelisk to activate will vary settings for your game. As an outcome of searching the position, the EDZ Obelisk will become unreliable.

Obelisk Of EDZ

At any moment, only an obelisk may be paired with the sundial activity. At the end of this process, participate or gamers may select a weapon. The Infinite Paths 8 pulse rifle & the Gallant Charge fusion rifle may be collected by using the Destiny 2 EDZ obelisk. When you activate the system’s obelisks menu, it is not always interconnected to the sundial. To explore the weapons, Obelisk should connect with them.

The EDZ Obelisk Not Working

When you encounter the EDZ Obelisk not working, you will see the message “Can’t link with EDZ obelisk” on your screen. In other words, the EDZ Obelisk glitch prevents the player from progressing in the game. Is it difficult to fix the EDZ Obelisk not working? There are, of course, some. Here are all of the remedies for the EDZ Obelisk, not working scenario.

Further Interaction With EDZ Obelisk

The EDZ obelisk should be used when a gamer wants to continue exploring a certain location while playing Destiny 2 (Season of Dawn). An error notice displays throughout this procedure informing you that you are still unable to make contact with the Destiny 2 EDZ & yet the decision-makers in the same illustration are unable to proceed. The EDZ obelisk is experiencing issues with this. There are endless possibilities for solving this issue. Examine them all and select the most appropriate one for solving this issue.

First Solution – Temporary reconstruction of the EDZ Obelisk

As the game advances, any gamer/player will notice the below aspects.

  • Retreat & re-enter the place manually.
  • Get back into orbit.
  • Delete the cache from the game console.
  • Erase the cookies & cache from the particular browser on your Operating system.

Second Solution – Step Repetition

  • Attempt collaborating further with EDZ Obelisk once gamers arrive in the gulch hasty travel destination.
  • If it’s still not working, go back to the coordinates & continue again.
  • Experiment with jumping to the ground.
  • Go back to your starting location.
  • To try again, come back to earth & link with the EDZ Obelisk. (To descend, activate the multiple double-triangle indications.)
  • Instantly recognize the procedure. Prior knowledge has also shown that multiple attempts are likely to effectively resolve the problems. Many more interaction alternatives are illustrated here.

Third Solution – Repair Of The EDZ Obelisk Using VPN

  • Due to network obstacles, the gamers/participants were unable to pinpoint the location. In this scenario, access to a VPN server worldwide. UAE succeeded in contrast to the past years.
  • Turn off ports or impose strictly enforced NAT restrictions.
  • The gamers/players should continue to ping as much as possible.
  • There is a possibility that the gamer/player will be free to invade the particular zone.

Gamers Need To Obtain The EDZ Obelisk To Progress/Advance

  • In the game-play, kill the Cabal members.
  • Equip & use numerous weapons to defeat players/opponents, and complete the entire Osiris fetch quest.
  • Accessibility to the Obelisk panel will be available to the player.
  • Now, players/participants accomplished the mission!

Fixing EDZ OBELISK Not Working

The sequence of obelisks in the game was unlocked recently & participants managed to keep the time pounding enemies to activate them. The device appears to work perfectly, though many protectors have observed that after achieving the first part of the EDZ quest, killing hundreds of thousands of Cabal, the second piece will malfunction.

The assassination of the galactic rhinos, the game prompts you to proceed to the EDZ Obelisk & reserve the illumination, thus this triggers the obelisk, and initiates the traditional obelisk quest stage. Numerous gamers/participants can invoke the device at this stage in the game. There doesn’t need to be a unique fail-safe technique to solve the problem, but these should suffice.

  • Essentially wait for the icon message to pop up near the obelisk after five minutes.
  • Once arriving at the obelisk, progress quickly to another destination.
  • Explore planets, approach interstellar space, head to the EDZ & eventually reach the obelisk.
  • Delete all your cache.

Follow Instructions To Remove Cache On A PS4

  • Keep the PlayStation button on your controller pressed.
  • Choose the option off in PS4.
  • Before detaching the PlayStation 4, pause 30 seconds to power down.
  • Reconnect the PlayStation 4’s power cable and restart it.
  • While Destiny 2 is loaded, hold L1 + R1.

Follow Listed Procedures To Remove Cache On An Xbox One

  • Simply, press the Xbox power button at the front until the console entirely turns off.
  • Slowly, discard the power cord from the back of the Xbox console. To clean the cache & remove any remaining power from the Xbox, push & hold the power button multiple times.
  • Reconnect the power cord.
  • Sit tight for the white light on the power connector to turn orange.
  • Try to start again the Xbox console in the usual way.

Unfortunately, none of them ensures progress the first time as many gamers claim travelling to interstellar space various times before the obelisk opened. Although Destiny seems concerned about this issue & no fix has been implemented.

Closing Note

Clearing the cache/trying to repeat the process of flying down to ground level & re-entering are two basic alternatives for game players. Please carefully follow the instructions. Creator planned to launch a fix in January. After then, neither the gamers/participants nor the game developer issued an update.

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