X removed a feature

The X removed a feature that allows reporting wrong information

Mr.Musk’s company X has removed a feature provision that otherwise allowed netizens to report inaccurate information about elections and other electoral misinformation .In one of the updates the reset.tech except for the European Union, Australia said that the feature had been disabled in recent weeks raising concerns over seamless reporting of misinformation. More importantly concern over the decision has increased in the run-up to the 2024 US presidential elections as well as a crucial Australian referendum on increasing the rights of Indigenous Australians making the openness and need of weeding off misinformation more important.

Especially concerns raised as the dissemination of election misinformation, according to Australian officials, is at its worst level yet. The technology was extended to three more nations last year: Brazil, the Philippines, and Spain. It has been available in the US, Australia, and South Korea since 2021.

Ideally users might choose “Report Material,” “It’s deceptive,” and “Politics,” in that order.In a letter, Reset.Tech Australia referred to the feature’s removal as “very alarming,” given that Australia would hold a vote the following month and right to express is a key aspect in the matters.

The group also claimed that there now doesn’t seem to be a way to report election misinformation that has been found on your site. Users still have the option to report posts that they find offensive, abusive, or spammy. On October 14, Australia will have its first referendum in over a quarter of a century. The decision might also make it harder for voters to report false information before the 2024 US presidential elections.

In October, Australia will have a historic referendum.What is the Voice to Parliament referendum in Australia?The function, which was previously only accessible in Europe in Spain, is now accessible throughout the EU, but in a slightly different format, according to Reset.Tech Australia.Users in the EU can now report posts for having a negative impact on public disturbances or elections.

Users in the UK cannot access the feature, and they never have. According to a recent assessment by the European Commission, out of the six major social networks, X has the highest percentage of misinformation. Around 6,000 distinct social media posts from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, X, and YouTube were investigated for the study.

According to the study, X had the highest “ratio of discoverability” of disinformation, or the likelihood that a user may run across disinformation. According to the analysis, YouTube had the lowest.

“You must abide by the strict legislation, is my message to [X]. We’ll be keeping an eye on what you do, “Vera Jourova, the EU’s Commissioner for Values and Transparency, issued a warning in the wake of the report.

The Digital Services Act (DSA), which was created to safeguard users and prevent election interference, is a requirement for IT firms operating in the EU.

The firm has been charged with permitting an increase in hate speech and false information since Mr. Musk gained control of X, or Twitter, as it was then known, in late 2022. This was refuted by Mr. Musk in a BBC interview.

As such , several experts also opine & touted that the platform feature of “Community Notes”, that may  allow users to make comments on posts to flag false or misleading content, is a better way of fact checking.

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